Friday, July 12, 2013

3rd Birthday and Gray Hair

Evan turned 3 on May 18th (no, he isn't the one graying), and we celebrated for two straight days. On Friday the birthday extravaganza began with a mommy and Evan special breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. He was too excited for words! 
Later that afternoon, David and I joined E at school with his classmates for their afternoon snack. We brought goldfish crackers (per Evan's request) and David read books to the kids. It was priceless. His rendition of "There's No Such Thing as Monsters" will go down in infamy.

The next morning, we were joined by many of our friends and family members for Evan's party. We had it at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham and it was awesome! The kids got to play in the party room with legos and play doh and we ate lots of cake before 11am. I'm sure that last bit of info made all of the parents happy:)

I thought this construction site photo 'booth' would be hilarious for the kids. Evan was the only one that even put his face in it for a photo op. Figures.
My dad got in on the action though, which made the $9.95 I spent on this thing completely worth the money. 

Since the kids were clearly not interested in the kodak moments provided by this fine birthday party accessory, I forced my co-workers and dear friends to give it a shot. They are such troopers! We all teach middle school, so honestly, this is not even CLOSE to the most ridiculous and embarrassing thing we've done. Not. Even. Close. 
Construction worker Amy:) She's an Assistant Principal now- I wonder what her teachers would give to have this as her yearbook photo.

One of our 6th grade social studies teachers (and my boss, as Athletic Director) Johnny even took a turn. I am 100% sure I'll be working every late basketball game for the next 5 years as a result of sharing this...

and his ADORABLE wife Claire:) who teaches 8th grade math. I work with such fun people!!!

To fit the construction theme, I jazzed up a cake.

 I ordered a basic cake from Target and added the construction treasures (I ordered them from Amazon). Note to self: don't assume that just because you pay for a cake with a message that the person writing said message can do it better than you can. Next year? I'm tackling this on my own.
On the way home from his party, E was perusing some construction related materials and sporting his hard hat.
And, probably my favorite birthday photo of them all - E wearing "ALL the stickers" as he likes to say:) sans pants:) while shooting his bubble gun. How much do you love those knobby little knees and his shorts tan line?

We've had Evan's birthday photos made each year by our dear friend Carrie Richardson Fry. She's also the one who took our 'welcome home' photos of E when he was about 6 weeks old, photographed his baptism, and has taken the photos for our Christmas cards since 2010. This is one of my favorites from the session. Isn't he handsome? He decided, during the photo shoot, that he needed to add a bit of GQ to the session, so he spread himself across a bench and requested that Carrie take a few photos. I thought I would die. Such a ham. 

This one is sweet as can be but it just. about. did. us. all. in. to get it! Poor little E had a hard time balancing those 3 blocks on his hands at the same time. I think we reset them about 4,327 times before they stayed put long enough for Carrie to get a shot of him smiling. It was so worth it. 

It is this adorable 3 year old little ham and his priceless antics that may or may not have caused THIS:

I always thought that gray hair made people look distinguished. Old people. People who had lived long lives and accomplished all sorts of amazing and noteworthy things- like the Nobel Peace Prize. I have a slightly different opinion of gray hair currently, and I have declared war. This fella didn't stand a chance. His friends need to get the message: I am not old enough to have gray hair. I see several boxes of at home hair color that claims to 'take care of gray naturally' in my future. I'm going to take my gray hair and my ancient self and go have a cup of tea. And watch Jeopardy. And Wheel of Fortune. And get to bed before the sun. Isn't that what old folks do?

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